Thursday, October 2, 2014

If All Else Fails

I found a blog post from Alexandra Franzen's blog about the worst that could happen.

She put together a FANTASTIC list of what else I could do if this whole quit my job and my benefits thing doesn't pan out.
I have a lot of faith in myself, but at every step in this process I have to think, and evaluate. I question whether I'm taking the right step, and I have to steel my nerves.

If all of this goes bananas, here are my top 3 'all else fails' kind of situations

1. I go back to working retail - or sell cars. I 1000% think that I could sell cars. Would I want to - no. Could I - yes.

2. Instead of volunteering to teach english, I'll make my way to Asia and do it for the real $$$. I'm a kick-ass teacher. This doesn't seem like an 'all else fails' but more like a new trajectory.

3. I'll learn to code and become a permanent housesitter. This also doesn't sound like a bad idea. I can water plants and play with puppies like nobody else. It's a gift.

Am I missing anything?


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